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  • 欧洲的一位研究人员发现,某些温室栽培的植物在白天或晚上会受到反复的高强度饱和光闪的影响。美国Opti公司的科学家在室内植物上探究了这个问题。 尽管高强度下的几次饱和闪光似乎不会损害植物,但经过一天或几天的时间后,被测植物的叶绿素荧光指标Y(II)和Fv / Fm会下降。 研究发现, 虽然我们常用的7000umol m-2 s-1饱和光闪强度在几次测量中效果很好,但随着时间的推移,日复一 ……


  • 对于测量植物胁迫,气体交换测量和叶绿素荧光测量有何不同之处?光合作用气体交换测量系统通常使用红外气体分析仪(IRGAs)测量CO2。另外还有气压、温度、PAR、流速传感器和相对湿度传感器。将待测量的样品叶子封闭在测量室中,并通过弹簧和氯丁橡胶密封件将叶子轻轻地保持在适当位置。 通过允许叶子在测量室中达到CO2平衡来开始测量。 达到平衡所需的时间取决于物种,它与仪器的品牌无 ……


  • 控制型蒸渗实验系统中称重技术研究进展 控制型蒸渗仪,也称为第三代蒸渗技术通过消除蒸渗柱体内外的水、热差异,确保了获取大田条件下的土壤“黑箱子”中的水力学参数。自2008年以来,澳作公司致力于欧盟蒸渗技术本土化,降低造价,并自主研发、为客户量身定制了多种参数控制模式。澳作公司改进后的控制型蒸渗系统除了直接测量蒸散量及结露、雾等各种降水量外 ……


For the introduction and promotion of international advanced instrumentation and technologies in the fields of terricolous ecology, aquicolous ecology, water quality monitoring, waste water treatment and life science. Aozuo Ecology Instrumentation Ltd. was launched in the Spring of 1998.

As the pioneer in our fields in China, Aozuo has provided instruments and technical support for CERN (Chinese Ecology Research Network), CFERN(Chinese Forestry Ecology Research Network), Technique Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 948 Project of Chinese Agriculture Ministry and Chinese Water Resource Ministry, National 973 Project, 863 Project, National 211 Program and environment monitoring network of China for Universities, research institutes. The wide customer network of Aozuo covers the fields of agriculture, forestry, hydrology, environment and ecology monitoring and research.

Aozuo has established five branch offices in Uramuqi for North-West of China, Shanghai and Nanjing for East China , Guangzhou for South China and Chengdu for South West of China. Our head office locates in Beijing .

Aozuo is experienced in marketing in China through several ways. Besides the website, we maintain our customers network, with about 7000 customers in our database, by sending product brochures in Chinese 3 or 4 times a year. We also sponsor professional conferences and programs in China .

Aozuo has developed the partnerships with several research organizations and government agencies in China , such as CERN, CFERN, Irrigation Network of Agriculture and Farmland Water Center , Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment Protection, Ministry of Water resources and Water Affairs Groups of national and provincial levels. We often organize workshops cooperated with these organizations to promote technologies and instrumentation.

In general, Aozuo is dedicating its experiences on selling and technical service to the whole China by the cooperation with its suppliers and customer network. Our goal is to be as the professional company supplying international advanced instruments and best technical support to the customers in the fields of agronomy, forestry, hydrology, ecology research, environment protection and water treatment.

Our product ranges cover following fields:
Terricolous Ecology: includes soil instruments measuring soil moisture, soil temperature, soil water conductivity, soil elements and structure, plant instruments measuring plant physiology and environment instruments measuring meteorology parameters

Aquicolous Ecology: includes respiratory instruments and water quality instrumentation

Water treatment: measuring Active Sludge respiration, Dissolved Oxygen, TP , TN and COD,etc. in the water
Life Science: measuring animal respiration and insects physiology and behavior.

Beijing Aozuo Ecology Instrumentation Ltd.
Address: 24G of Heyday Center, No.89 of Zhong Guan Cun East Road, Haidian District, Beijing 100190
Tel86 10 82675321 82675322 82675323
Fax 86 10 82623152