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  • TRIME基于TDR(Time domain Reflectometry with Intelligent MicroElements)时域反射技术。用以直接测量土壤或其他介质的介电常数,介电常数又与土壤水分含量的多少有密切关系,土壤含水量即可通过模拟电压输出被读数系统计算并显示出来。测量时,金属波导体被用来传输TDR信号,TRIME工作时产生一个1GHz的高频电磁波,电磁波沿着波导体传输,并在探头周围产生一个电磁场。信号传输到 ……


  • 痕量温室气体分布特征监测对现有的气体测量技术提出了挑战。不仅因为痕量气体在生态系统中浓度低,其中粘性和非粘性气体混杂,而且需要能高频率测量出每个采样点的微小差异,仪器不仅要精度高,而且要具备高频测量能力。目前土壤气体排放通量观测实现了地面以上测量,但土壤剖面的痕量温室气体排放机制因缺乏监测技术和方案涉猎不多,但这却是地面排放差异的源头。大气中NH3的测量 ……


  • 2020年5月15日和20日,AZR-300活体根系分析系统分别在中科院寒旱所和中科院华南植物园完成安装调试工作,相关实验设备负责人接受了仪器的操作培训。 本次安装的AZR-300根系微根窗生态监测技术,它是一种非破坏性、定点直接观察和研究植物根系的方法,其最大优点是在不干扰细根生长过程的前提下,能连续监测单个细根从出生到死亡的变化过程,也能记录细根乃至根毛和菌根的生长、 ……


For the introduction and promotion of international advanced instrumentation and technologies in the fields of terricolous ecology, aquicolous ecology, water quality monitoring, waste water treatment and life science. Aozuo Ecology Instrumentation Ltd. was launched in the Spring of 1998.

As the pioneer in our fields in China, Aozuo has provided instruments and technical support for CERN (Chinese Ecology Research Network), CFERN(Chinese Forestry Ecology Research Network), Technique Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 948 Project of Chinese Agriculture Ministry and Chinese Water Resource Ministry, National 973 Project, 863 Project, National 211 Program and environment monitoring network of China for Universities, research institutes. The wide customer network of Aozuo covers the fields of agriculture, forestry, hydrology, environment and ecology monitoring and research.

Aozuo has established five branch offices in Uramuqi for North-West of China, Shanghai and Nanjing for East China , Guangzhou for South China and Chengdu for South West of China. Our head office locates in Beijing .

Aozuo is experienced in marketing in China through several ways. Besides the website, we maintain our customers network, with about 7000 customers in our database, by sending product brochures in Chinese 3 or 4 times a year. We also sponsor professional conferences and programs in China .

Aozuo has developed the partnerships with several research organizations and government agencies in China , such as CERN, CFERN, Irrigation Network of Agriculture and Farmland Water Center , Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment Protection, Ministry of Water resources and Water Affairs Groups of national and provincial levels. We often organize workshops cooperated with these organizations to promote technologies and instrumentation.

In general, Aozuo is dedicating its experiences on selling and technical service to the whole China by the cooperation with its suppliers and customer network. Our goal is to be as the professional company supplying international advanced instruments and best technical support to the customers in the fields of agronomy, forestry, hydrology, ecology research, environment protection and water treatment.

Our product ranges cover following fields:
Terricolous Ecology: includes soil instruments measuring soil moisture, soil temperature, soil water conductivity, soil elements and structure, plant instruments measuring plant physiology and environment instruments measuring meteorology parameters

Aquicolous Ecology: includes respiratory instruments and water quality instrumentation

Water treatment: measuring Active Sludge respiration, Dissolved Oxygen, TP , TN and COD,etc. in the water
Life Science: measuring animal respiration and insects physiology and behavior.

Beijing Aozuo Ecology Instrumentation Ltd.
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