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  • 2022年的又一重点项目:都江堰灌区灌溉试验站“SoilScope生态观测控制实验系统”于近日在四川省德阳市境内安装完成。<strong>SoilScope生态观测控制实验系统在都江堰灌区灌溉试验站</strong> <strong>研究背景</strong><strong></strong> 都江堰灌区位于四川省中部,包括成都平原和邻近的广大丘陵地区,以历史悠久、规模宏大、效益显著而闻名 ……


  • 石斛又名仙斛兰韵、不死草、还魂草、紫萦仙株、吊兰、林兰、禁生等。药用植物,性味甘淡微咸,益胃生津,滋阴清热。用于阴伤津亏,口干烦渴,食少干呕,病后虚热,目暗不明。同时还具有抗白内障、抗氧化、抗肿瘤、提高免疫力的作用。然而不同时间采集的石斛中氨基酸、微量元素等含量各不同,其对应药用价值、价格也不同。因此石斛等级的分类研究具有重要意义。为快速鉴别不同价格、不同药效的石斛,我 ……


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For the introduction and promotion of international advanced instrumentation and technologies in the fields of terricolous ecology, aquicolous ecology, water quality monitoring, waste water treatment and life science. Aozuo Ecology Instrumentation Ltd. was launched in the Spring of 1998.

As the pioneer in our fields in China, Aozuo has provided instruments and technical support for CERN (Chinese Ecology Research Network), CFERN(Chinese Forestry Ecology Research Network), Technique Innovation Program of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 948 Project of Chinese Agriculture Ministry and Chinese Water Resource Ministry, National 973 Project, 863 Project, National 211 Program and environment monitoring network of China for Universities, research institutes. The wide customer network of Aozuo covers the fields of agriculture, forestry, hydrology, environment and ecology monitoring and research.

Aozuo has established five branch offices in Uramuqi for North-West of China, Shanghai and Nanjing for East China , Guangzhou for South China and Chengdu for South West of China. Our head office locates in Beijing .

Aozuo is experienced in marketing in China through several ways. Besides the website, we maintain our customers network, with about 7000 customers in our database, by sending product brochures in Chinese 3 or 4 times a year. We also sponsor professional conferences and programs in China .

Aozuo has developed the partnerships with several research organizations and government agencies in China , such as CERN, CFERN, Irrigation Network of Agriculture and Farmland Water Center , Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Environment Protection, Ministry of Water resources and Water Affairs Groups of national and provincial levels. We often organize workshops cooperated with these organizations to promote technologies and instrumentation.

In general, Aozuo is dedicating its experiences on selling and technical service to the whole China by the cooperation with its suppliers and customer network. Our goal is to be as the professional company supplying international advanced instruments and best technical support to the customers in the fields of agronomy, forestry, hydrology, ecology research, environment protection and water treatment.

Our product ranges cover following fields:
Terricolous Ecology: includes soil instruments measuring soil moisture, soil temperature, soil water conductivity, soil elements and structure, plant instruments measuring plant physiology and environment instruments measuring meteorology parameters

Aquicolous Ecology: includes respiratory instruments and water quality instrumentation

Water treatment: measuring Active Sludge respiration, Dissolved Oxygen, TP , TN and COD,etc. in the water
Life Science: measuring animal respiration and insects physiology and behavior.

Beijing Aozuo Ecology Instrumentation Ltd.
Address: Room 101A, Floor1, Unit 1  Building6, Park3 ,GAOLIZHANG ROAD HAIDIAN DISTRICT, BEIJNG   post code :100095
Tel86 10 82675321 82675322 82675323
Fax 86 10 82623152